Here you will find a selection of recent releases that have featured my guitar playing. Check back regularly as more are being added all the time…

Bibi Zhou is one of China’s biggest-selling artists and won MTV Best Worldwide Act at the 2014 EMAs. I wrote, arranged and performed all the guitars on this track from her 2013 “Unlock” album, amongst others. In case you’re wondering, it’s called “Specimen”!

This is a killer track by Estonian rockers Revolver. I contributed just the guitar solo to this one, along with many other parts of their 2015 album II.

Another one from Revolver, also from their 2015 album II. I played the left channel rhythm guitar on this awesome track. Absolutely love working with these guys!

Not a release, but I felt this was worthy of inclusion. This was captured completely live and I was pleased with the tone, feel and playing. This is my Mesa/Boogie JP-2C with a mic’d MESA 2×12” cab. I didn’t use any pedals and there is no post-processing or manipulation of any kind.

Taken from the same show; more juicy Boogie tone and I’m happy with the singing and playing too!