I can provide bespoke, studio quality guitar parts for your mix. I use a wide range of high-end customised equipment and draw upon my wealth of experience to create exactly the sound and feel you are looking for. Listen to the audio, check out my equipment list and read some testimonials below. If you like what you see and hear, get in touch!

I’ve worked under direction (by FaceTime, email or phone), I’ve been left entirely to my own devices; and all points in between! I’m happy creating complementary parts and solos and I’ve even been asked to rearrange songs or even compose entire new sections. Basic charge is £100 per track but please contact me to discuss your requirements; I’m also open to working out a deal on an album or EP’s worth of material.

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“Man I’m feeling good right now listening to your work. It’s the kind of stuff I was never allowed to play!”

– Martin Saaremagi, Revolver, hard rock online session

“Sounds VERY good. Some really accurate playing here and I know it’s way harder to play the slow things accurately than the fast licks so super playing once again!” 

– Martin Saaremagi, Revolver, multitrack acoustic online session

“You nailed the direction I definitely wanted to head towards with my brief.”

– Adam Diaz, 8Bit Orbit Records