Here you will find a selection of recent releases that have featured my guitar playing. Check back regularly as more are being added all the time…


Bibi Zhou is one of China’s biggest-selling artists and won MTV Best Worldwide Act at the 2014 EMAs. I wrote, arranged and performed all the guitars on this track from her 2013 “Unlock” album, amongst others. In case you’re wondering, it’s called “Specimen”!

This is a killer track by Estonian rockers Revolver. I contributed just the guitar solo to this one, along with many other parts of their 2015 album II.


Another one from Revolver, also from their 2015 album II. I played the left channel rhythm guitar on this awesome track. Absolutely love working with these guys!


This is just an iPhone recording of a live take in the studio, but I was very pleased with the way this solo went down. Phenomenal tone from the Bogner Ecstasy 20th Anniversary, expertly captured by Ru at Lost Boys Studio in Bedfordshire.


Not an original tune, but I felt this was worthy of inclusion. This was captured completely live and I was pleased with the tone, feel and playing. This is my Mesa/Boogie JP-2C with a mic’d MESA 2×12” cab. I didn’t use any pedals and there is no post-processing or manipulation of any kind.

Taken from the same show; more juicy Boogie tone and I’m happy with the singing and playing too!