I am a guitarist working mainly in London, Essex and the South East of the UK. I have worked professionally since 2007 and my guitar parts appear on many recordings worldwide. In 2013 I recorded many of the guitars for Bibi Zhou’s Unlock album (Best Worldwide Artist at the 2014 MTV Europe Music Awards).

In 2015 I appeared alongside Brent Mason on a full length album by Estonian rockers Revolver. In 2018 I joined the award-winning Tim Manford on guitars for UK AOR act Dante Fox. We are playing a number of festival shows culminating in Hard Rock Hell VIII before commencing work on the band’s seventh album.

In 2020 I am collaborating on a full-length original album alongside drummer Scott Higham (Pendragon, Samson) and bass guitarist Seth Govan (Guthrie Govan, Robben Ford, Carl Palmer). This is slated for a 2021 release.


Here is a selection of releases featuring my playing.

This is a killer track by Estonian rockers Revolver. I contributed just the guitar solo to this one, along with many other parts of their 2015 album II.
Another one from Revolver, also from their 2015 album II. I played the left channel rhythm guitar on this awesome track. Absolutely love working with these guys!


Here is a compilation of some of the music I have been lucky enough to play on!

Dante Fox 2

“I’ve worked with Don for a few years now and he is truly an incredible guitarist and singer. His attention to detail is second to none in all areas of his work. A true professional who has all the attributes you need from a pro musician. A great attitude, reliable with an amazing talent, top quality equipment and most of all a great guy to hang with! I would recommend Don for any project, album, tour or gig.”

Scott Higham – Professional Drummer/Singer


I can work with you in person, or I can provide studio-quality guitar tracks remotely. Please get in touch using the contact form to discuss!

Don D5

“Man I’m feeling good right now listening to your work. It’s the kind of stuff I was never allowed to play!”

Martin Saaremagi, Revolver online session


I am proud to endorse Charvel guitars, EVH amplifiers, Elixir Strings and MXR/Dunlop pedals. I am an Official Celestion Affiliate.

Charvel DK24 Select HH x2
Charvel DK24 Select HSS x2

EVH 5150 III 50w head x2
EVH 2×12 Cabinet x2
MXR Micro Flanger
MXR/EVH Phase 90
MXR/EVH 5150 Chorus
MXR Tap Tempo
MXR Iso Brick
Jim Dunlop Crybaby Mini
Jim Dunlop Echoplex x2

Dunlop Jazz III plectrums
Elixir Optiweb 9-42 electric guitar strings
Elixir Polyweb 12-53 acoustic guitar strings

Celestion H30 Anniversary speakers and IRs

Taylor Guitars

Taylor 714ce Acoustic Guitar
Taylor 114ce-n Nylon String Guitar
Sommer Cable
Sommer Spirit XXL cables
Sommer Spirit XXL patch cables

“You nailed the direction I definitely wanted to head towards with my brief”

Adam Diaz – 8Bit Orbit Records

Contact Me

Don Dante Fox Winter's End 2019

Sounds SUPER good. I’m going to redo my stuff for sure now. That’s what I mean – your playing is really inspiring and gives the songs a totally new level which pushes me just to the right direction.

Really cool sound and superb playing.

Martin Saaremagi – Revolver online session


Here is a selection of my most recent IGTV videos, mostly done for fun. Enjoy!